I don't see the icon on the browser toolbar.
First of all make sure the icon is not hidden because of too many other extensions installed on your browser. If this is the case, try to extend the part of the toolbar where icons are being placed .

If you still cannot find the icon, double check if you actually installed the software. To do this go to Start menu / All Programs and find Clip Extractor shortcut. Also, If you installed the software, you should be able to see its shortcut on the Quick Launch panel.
Also the button may be not active. Right click on the toolbar -> Customize -> Add or Remove Commands... -> Drag the Clip Extractor icon from the list of inactive items to the Toolbar list (see screenshot links below):
If you are using Firefox, please see
If you're using Internet Explorer 9 and you can see only three buttons (home, favourites and tools), then the command bar is not enabled. In order to enable it and show the Clip Extractor icon right-click the Home button and check "Command bar".